Saturday, November 13

Hairspray Auditions Song - I need your vote!

Okay! So I've been working on this other song called Blue Hair (thanks to Alex K. Jenkins :D) because I couldn't find my Taylor, the Latte Boy music and I didn't want to shell out $10 for it... Cue Randall Richardson to the rescue!! Now I have two song options and I can't figure out which one to do. Please tell me which you would choose and why... I'm conflicted.

Taylor, the Latte Boy
  • Very like Tracy in that she pines for a boy after a seemingly insignificant encounter
  • Showcases the singer's ability to tell a story and has a lower range like Hairspray
  • I've sung this song for years and know it like the back of my hand - and where I'll cut it (24 bars)

Blue hair
  • Very like Tracy in that she wants to be extraordinary and follows her own heart
  • Showcases the singer's ability to get words out fast, a quality Hairspray has
  • Way less mainstream so I may be the only one that sings it for auditions 

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