Sunday, November 21

Day 21: Dudley's Knickerbocker Glories!!

Happy 25th Birthday to my sister! We had her special dinner yesterday at Olive Garden (so delicious) and we got to see her a bit this afternoon before we rushed back to Birmingham. I was a little late but happy to announce that I FINALLY got to see Samford's Spelling Bee today and was very, very entertained. Everyone did such a good job :)

Today is the final day of HP week and we've topped it off with a non-magical treat from the very first book. As delicious as the past few days have been, I'm ready to get back into real food.

Recipe - Mix a couple fruits (we used peaches and blueberries) in a bowl with a little sugar and mash slightly. Place one scoop of vanilla ice cream in dish, top with fruit. Place one scoop of strawberry ice cream in dish, top with chocolate sauce. Repeat until dish is full and then top with whipped cream and a berry. Traditionally, you would also add a fancy cookie but we didn't get any of those.

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