Monday, November 29

Day 29: Cake Balls (or blobs, as the case may be)!!

Well, I was supposed to make creme brulee tonight but I forgot that it has to refrigerate overnight. So, instead I went ahead and mixed that up and then made m'cake balls. What. A. Disaster. Leading up to this, several people have expressed trepidation where baking my husband's favorite dessert is concerned, but that (the creme brulee) was so easy. I mean, true, it took a little while but it was still pretty simple. Those cake balls, on the other hand, almost ended my life. Our kitchen looks like a war zone. According to everyone who has tasted them, the end product was nonetheless successful (though some of them look like poo)

Recipe - Bake a cake according to the box instructions (I used red velvet). Allow to cool (I did not - many burned fingertips) and then crumble and combine with icing (I used cream cheese that had been in the fridge so it could not have been more difficult to manipulate into the cake - avoid that). Once thoroughly mixed (just use your hands but remember to take off your rings, especially if you have an antique-style emerald engagement ring that you don't feel like scrubbing for hours...), form into balls and place on plate to freeze for about 20 minutes (or longer - seriously, this part is important). Melt chocolate chips (I used dark) in a glass bowl in the microwave (DO NOT try to be hardcore and use a double boiler unless you KNOW you're capable of being patient enough to completely melt them and then get your cake in and out quickly enough that they don't fall apart). Dip cake in chocolate until fully coated and remove with toothpick (doesn't that sound easy? it's not).

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  1. "(doesn't that sound easy? it's not)."

    I can't tell you how many times I have noticed that over the years. You're doing a great job, Emily.