Sunday, October 31

Home, Halloween, and Hairspray

It's been a rough week. I wanted nothing more than to go home to Huntsville this weekend but it just wasn't in the cards. We had to buy a new power cord for my computer. Such a frustratingly expensive necessity. After a week of no internet access, I am back online and it feels good. Almost as good as it would feel to be healthy again. Not sure what is wrong with me (next stop: WebMD) but I have felt completely terrible for the past 2 days. Fever, achey from head to toe, and can't seem to stay awake for more than a few hours.

On the positive side of life, it's Halloween! I went to a party Friday night but didn't stay long. At least I got to dress up!! I love wigs and crazy makeup. Tomorrow is the first day of November for which I am sooo thankful. We'll definitely get to go home on Friday for Under the Christmas Tree. UTCT makes everything better. Rush's prediction of my cooking failure may be proven correct on the very first day if I can't get to feeling better. I'd love to say I'm going to go to the store tonight and start dinner tomorrow as soon as my 5-hour shift at the Y is over, but... yeah.

Most important news of my week: RED MOUNTAIN ANNOUNCED AUDITIONS FOR HAIRSPRAY! And the role of Tracy is available!! I'm currently taking suggestions for 24 bars, as my go-to song is from the show itself. Poop. I'm thinking about Taylor the Latte Boy but I'd love more options. I'm going all out for this audition and I have a lot of work to do, especially since I haven't tried out for anything in two years! AHH!! But I'm excited :)

Saturday, October 23

As We Stumble Along

On my way to the show last weekend, I was reflecting on what an absolute mess my life is. I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way, but it totally is. My apartment is always cluttered, my clothes are always wrinkled, I'm constantly going back and forth on where I want to live, what I want to do, and who I want to be there. I am late all the time and can't seem to get to sleep most nights, even if I'm exhausted. Oh and I never do anything until the last minute... or later :-/

All of my conclusions were confirmed when I got to the theatre and Caitlin said "I like that you're wearing two different shoes..." No. It can't be. I looked down and, yes, there it was. I only managed to put on one of my intended flip-flops (the houndstooth ones with a red lining). The other is plain old turquoise. Turquoise! What is wrong with me??

So there I sat with my mismatched shoes, frizzy hair, and black dress covered in cat and dog hair. And I'm okay with that. For the record, the shoe thing never would have happened if Rush weren't in Tuscaloosa at the time. He usually puts my shoes right by the door for me :) He also would have driven me if I needed him to so I could fix my hair on the way. He even seems to be able to wield the lint roller more effectively when Luna and Schnitzel sabotage my outfits.

That's not to say I'm all put-together when my husband is home. We're not that "perfect compliment" to each other where he cleans up after me and I have some positive trait to counter-balance his short comings. Nope. We bumble through our lives and our relationship. He makes me so incredibly angry sometimes and I drive him absolutely mad most of the time. But the laughter and the support (and the kisses) make up for all the rest.

I know we're young and barely-married, but we've been through enough hell to give me a little perspective. And I'm not sure I believe there's such a thing as two people who magically cancel out their faults. The things that's so special about love is that you learn to live with them.

Wednesday, October 13

Nerdy Friends and Wedding Shows

I write this from a closet. I am currently sitting on the floor in the closet of one of Rush's friend's studio apartments. The reason I'm in said closet is I want to watch Say Yes to the Dress. I am completely obsessed with weddings. I maintain that this is because while many girls had 20+ years planning theirs (starting when they were 4 years old) I never thought about getting married until I was actually engaged. And I'm gonna be honest: this show makes me cry. I have no idea why. Sometimes, I don't like the dress the girl chooses. A lot of times, I really hate the people she brings with her. Every single time, I judge how much they spend. But it's all still so beautiful.

Hold on. That still doesn't explain why I'm in a closet. Well the sound of my show would certainly disturb Rush and his friends. See, they're playing an RPG. That's a Role-Playing Game. For the record, Rush is a Cajun man named Reynaud. That's reason enough to need the room to themselves, but they have even more of a sound issue because the GM (that's Game Master, the one who directs the story) is in Texas. They skype him into the room. It's quite an intricate set-up and I'm actually pretty impressed. I'm here tonight because I caught the end of their game last week and was so captivated that I wanted to come back and hear what happened!

So I just wanted to write a little update about how awesomely nerdy my amazing husband is and how nice this girl's closet is. That's right. Don't judge. One of the players in this game is female (and completely awesome). But now I'm going to go back to the last episode in season 2 of Say Yes to the Dress. I can't get enough! Luckily, there are 5 full seasons on instant play Netflix!! Oh, happy day. Hope yours is as good as mine :)

Taffeta is awful. Why does it exist?

Friday, October 8

I'M OVERWHELMED (and I kinda like it)

After two months of inactivity, October has been quite a trip so far! I started work at the YMCA, started scheduling work at Mountain Brook Baptist Church, and started rehearsals (now performances) of The Drowsy Chaperone with Red Mountain Theatre Company. Not to mention all the necessary projects I've been putting off in my I-have-nothing-to-do-so-I'll-just-do-nothing depression. How vicious perspective is. Would that I had had the willpower to continue cleaning my apartment and being a productive member of society despite my longing for a job.

All of that to say, I couldn't be happier. I'm stressed and I'm tired and I can't always get everything done and I LOVE IT! God has answered my prayers and given me new life again. Thank you to everyone who kept me in your thoughts. I owe sweet Rush so much for supporting me through all the tears and hopelessness. We've still got big decisions ahead and a difficult road to get there, but now I know we'll make it.

Tuesday, October 5

Just Call Me Chef

I've made an ambitious decision. Inspiration did not come from Julie and Julia but in retrospect, my idea is similar (though far less daunting). I did quite like that movie. Anyway, my goal is this: make one new thing in the kitchen each day of November. Not necessarily from scratch, just something I've never made that requires more than cutting plastic and placing in the oven.

I've divided the month into week-long categories.

Week 1: Pumpkins, stews, and soups! Oh my!!
*Pumpkin pie
Potato soup
Pumpkin spice cookies
Beer cheese soup
Pumpkin cheesecake
Brunswick stew
Pumpkin stew

Week 2: Meet the Meat
Steak tips
Chicken pot pie
Seafood fettuccini alfredo
Pork chops
*Shepherd's pie
Fish tacos
Curry chicken

Week 3: Harry Potter Premiere Preparations
Cauldron cakes
Treacle tart
Acid pops
Hagrid's rock cakes
Mrs. Weasley's fudge
*Dudley's knickerbocker glories

Week 4: Giving Thanks for Vegetables
Creamed corn
Fried green tomatoes
*Carrot casserole
Corn souffle
Stuffed mushrooms
Spinach quiche
Potato casserole

There are two days left which will be dedicated to the Mighty Desserts: Creme Brulee and Red velvet cake balls. Mmmmm :D

Obviously I'm going to have to try to make small portions to avoid a build up of left-overs in my fridge but that won't always be possible... And so, dear reader, here is YOUR task. If you are in the Birmingham area and would like to help with my aspirations, I'll cook for you! Just pick a menu item, schedule a date with me, and we'll do it up right!!

* denotes Rush's favorites. My supportive husband would just like to say that he gives me a 25% chance of successful completion. He also says that whether I accomplish every dish or just one, he will try them all. Even if it looks terrible.

Sunday, October 3

For the Love of Theatre

It's been a little while so I just wanted to throw this out there: I. Miss. Theatre. I miss it an uncontrollable amount. I'm working on Red Mountain's The Drowsy Chaperone right now and it is the most fun I've had in a long time! All I can think is that I would give anything to be watching Rush perform in this!! I forgot until this moment just how strongly we connect over the performing arts. I love my husband always but I lovelove him when he's tapping or singing or making me cry (in a good way).

So I'm back in. We've got to start auditioning again. We need to be involved in this community of theatre-lovers. Rush acts every day, of course, but I need a stage! All I am for this show is the spot operator and it is feeding my soul. I can't imagine how I'd feel as a director or an actor or a stage manager... Actually, I can. And that's the point.