Tuesday, October 5

Just Call Me Chef

I've made an ambitious decision. Inspiration did not come from Julie and Julia but in retrospect, my idea is similar (though far less daunting). I did quite like that movie. Anyway, my goal is this: make one new thing in the kitchen each day of November. Not necessarily from scratch, just something I've never made that requires more than cutting plastic and placing in the oven.

I've divided the month into week-long categories.

Week 1: Pumpkins, stews, and soups! Oh my!!
*Pumpkin pie
Potato soup
Pumpkin spice cookies
Beer cheese soup
Pumpkin cheesecake
Brunswick stew
Pumpkin stew

Week 2: Meet the Meat
Steak tips
Chicken pot pie
Seafood fettuccini alfredo
Pork chops
*Shepherd's pie
Fish tacos
Curry chicken

Week 3: Harry Potter Premiere Preparations
Cauldron cakes
Treacle tart
Acid pops
Hagrid's rock cakes
Mrs. Weasley's fudge
*Dudley's knickerbocker glories

Week 4: Giving Thanks for Vegetables
Creamed corn
Fried green tomatoes
*Carrot casserole
Corn souffle
Stuffed mushrooms
Spinach quiche
Potato casserole

There are two days left which will be dedicated to the Mighty Desserts: Creme Brulee and Red velvet cake balls. Mmmmm :D

Obviously I'm going to have to try to make small portions to avoid a build up of left-overs in my fridge but that won't always be possible... And so, dear reader, here is YOUR task. If you are in the Birmingham area and would like to help with my aspirations, I'll cook for you! Just pick a menu item, schedule a date with me, and we'll do it up right!!

* denotes Rush's favorites. My supportive husband would just like to say that he gives me a 25% chance of successful completion. He also says that whether I accomplish every dish or just one, he will try them all. Even if it looks terrible.

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