Wednesday, October 13

Nerdy Friends and Wedding Shows

I write this from a closet. I am currently sitting on the floor in the closet of one of Rush's friend's studio apartments. The reason I'm in said closet is I want to watch Say Yes to the Dress. I am completely obsessed with weddings. I maintain that this is because while many girls had 20+ years planning theirs (starting when they were 4 years old) I never thought about getting married until I was actually engaged. And I'm gonna be honest: this show makes me cry. I have no idea why. Sometimes, I don't like the dress the girl chooses. A lot of times, I really hate the people she brings with her. Every single time, I judge how much they spend. But it's all still so beautiful.

Hold on. That still doesn't explain why I'm in a closet. Well the sound of my show would certainly disturb Rush and his friends. See, they're playing an RPG. That's a Role-Playing Game. For the record, Rush is a Cajun man named Reynaud. That's reason enough to need the room to themselves, but they have even more of a sound issue because the GM (that's Game Master, the one who directs the story) is in Texas. They skype him into the room. It's quite an intricate set-up and I'm actually pretty impressed. I'm here tonight because I caught the end of their game last week and was so captivated that I wanted to come back and hear what happened!

So I just wanted to write a little update about how awesomely nerdy my amazing husband is and how nice this girl's closet is. That's right. Don't judge. One of the players in this game is female (and completely awesome). But now I'm going to go back to the last episode in season 2 of Say Yes to the Dress. I can't get enough! Luckily, there are 5 full seasons on instant play Netflix!! Oh, happy day. Hope yours is as good as mine :)

Taffeta is awful. Why does it exist?

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  1. Emily, I can completely relate! I didn't have a 'wedding' in the traditional sense. I wore a tailored suit of bullet-proof polyester, now gone yellow with age...(hey it was the '70's) but 'Yes to the Dress' is my guilty pleasure. I know it's basically the same thing over and over, but I am mezmerized...