Sunday, December 12

A Note from an Elf

Here is our real, live tree!! His name is Douglas.

This Wednesday, I will be taking my very first picture with Santa Claus. Ever. We've selected our outfits and checked the schedule for my favorite of the 4 Santas at my mall. This will be the third time Rush and I have planned on taking this picture but something always seems to go wrong. I think it's because I want everything to be perfect. We refer to it as "our first picture as a Christmas couple" but truthfully, I think of it as "my first picture as a Christmas child."

I thought this holiday season would be lonely and depressing. We get very little time with our families because I work all but 6 days of the month, which is a lot when you're used to being finished by the third week of December until February... My days as one of Santa's helpers make it up completely. Helping hundreds of children find their smile and laughter is the most satisfying job in the world!

Also, this is the first year in the past 12 that I will not be participating in The Living Christmas Tree. I miss it terribly but I could not be more excited to sit in the congregation like I did so long ago, this time with my new husband. So I guess it's a bitter sweet Christmas but from all I can tell, that's how life becomes the more you grow up. I just hope to always focus on the sweet.

Wednesday, December 8

From Rush on His Birthday

Hello all.  I have always viewed my birthday as a kind of strange day.  I don't like being the focus of attention, but it is nice for everyone to treat you better than normal.  Emily and I are trying to finish decorating our first Christmas tree as a married couple.  It is a challenge.  Our dog doesn't like anything receiving more attention than him, while our cat is taking down any ornament we hang lower than our knees.  But back to my birthday.  We ate at Surin, our favorite restaurant in town, for dinner.  Angel (a girl I work with, not a celestial servant of God) made me an egg custard pie (my choice) and brought it to work today.  She does this for everyone at work, so don't get any ideas.  Considering she had never even tasted an egg custard pie, she did a good job making one.  Emily and I are now going to cuddle up and watch Lie to Me on Netflix.  I have done nothing with my friends today, which is strangely satisfying.  I think I have lost the desire to socialize on special occasions.  I couldn't remember how old I was turning.  Maybe it's because age doesn't matter anymore.  All in all, this has been a decent birthday.