Tuesday, November 16

Day 16: Cauldron Cakes!!

I actually made two things today! Since pretty much all of my Harry Potter recipes are desserts, I had to make dinner. So I re-made the potato soup and it is still scrumptious. Probably my favorite so far. As for my little chocolate creations, they didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped. The cakes themselves are awesome but I couldn't accomplish the handles. Ah well. The one Rush is eating looks like a crazy mess because it actually does have the chocolate chips on it.

 Recipe - Betty Crocker actually has a new line of boxed desserts called Decadent Supreme and I got the chocolate molten lava. The idea for the handles was to stack chocolate chips using chocolate icing as an adhesive. This might actually work if you let the cakes cool completely but then it wouldn't taste as good.

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