Thursday, November 18

Day 18: Hagrid's Rock Cakes!!

I GOT A CALLBACK FOR HAIRSPRAY!!!! Oh I'm so happy. That's all I wanted. A second chance. I think the main thing we have to do tomorrow is dance so that'll be interesting... They asked how good of a dancer I am and I told them "once I know the steps, I'm a solid 8." They laughed and said that was a good answer. So we'll see but regardless of the outcome in casting, I achieved my goal. I get to go back tomorrow.

Now, onto my very authentic Rock Cakes. What I mean by that is I burned them. So like Hagrid. Note Rush's face. Also, check out my awesome Tracy audition haircut and outfit :D

I'm on my way out the door but I wanted to get this out before midnight. I'll upload the recipe later!

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