Saturday, November 20

Day 20: Mrs. Weasley's Peanut Butter Fudge!!

A (not so) little update about Hairspray: There were only 2 other girls called back for Tracy and I. Was. Pumped. We danced for about 2 hours and were then given 4 scenes and 3 bits of song to have ready. After singing and reading (but mostly waiting around) for another 2 hours, everyone was dismissed. Except the three of us. We were then told that this was just the beginning. We now have to make a video and write a little essay and do all sorts of things in their state-wide search for Tracy. They'll narrow all of THOSE girls back down to 6 or 7 and have another callback session just for them. 

I'll be really honest here... When they first told us, I felt like I'd just been punched in the stomach. I don't think I have to tell my regular readers how long and hard I worked on these auditions or how ecstatic I was for my callback. Hearing that we basically had to start all over again (and this time with MORE to prepare), I was crushed. Beyond. I've had time now, though, to put myself back together and I'm excited. I have big plans for my video and truly, I wasn't all that pleased with every aspect of my callback. When is a third chance ever a bad thing?? It'll be a charm :)

Now. Onto food! In keeping with Harry Potter week, I've attributed this day to my favorite HP Mama but I want to let it be known that this is actually my very own Nana's recipe. Love and miss her always.

Please don't judge me for wearing this little dress so much! I just really love it.

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