Wednesday, January 12

The Search for Tracy

If you're tired of watching me obsess over these auditions, look away now... I don't think it's possible for anyone who knows me to have missed this fact, but for posterity I want to make a formal announcement on our blog: I have been named one of the 5 finalists for Red Mountain Theatre Company's production of Hairspray! There's still voting and more auditions and who-knows-what-else left before the final decision, but I'm one step closer!! Speaking of which, if you haven't done so already, click here to vote :D

I've got to say that the whole thing was actually rather anti-climactic. I was sleeping late on Monday because neither Rush nor I had to work (not that it would have mattered if we did as we were snowed in at my parent's house). My friend Lisa sent me a text that simply said she had voted for me. Well, I couldn't think of any other situation involving myself that would require a vote, but I had to confirm. So I ran downstairs, pulled out my laptop, and started searching. Low and behold, there I was. Top of the page. "Vote for your favorite."

Today I dug a little deeper. I finally got an e-mail from RMTC congratulating us and assuring us that we will receive details soon. Out of curiosity, I googled my name and discovered that a still from my audition is the second picture. That also led me to this site (scroll down to the bottom to see a sweet comment from Nanci S. about yours truly) which apparently featured my video in December right here.

Since I found out my exciting news, quite a lot of craziness has ensued, started in part by my extremely loving sister and mother (with a little help from all of our husbands). I am positively overwhelmed by the response of other family, friends, and even people I hardly know! The support you have all shown in the past couple days has been truly beautiful and I cherish every message, comment, text, etc. that I've received.

I'll be honest and admit that I have to wonder if this voting process even matters all that much as far as casting is concerned, but I promise you this: I will walk into any audition or who-knows-what-else a stronger, more confident woman knowing that I have so many loving people standing behind me. God bless!!

Here's my full audition. I mainly post it because my daddy worked very, very hard with me on this and I think he was a little bummed that they only used 30 seconds of it :)

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