Tuesday, January 4

New Year's Resolution

I wrote up a Christmas Blog last week but never finished it during all the craziness that was the end of our December. Hopefully within the next few days I can properly address all the moments we experienced. For now, Happy 2011!!

I don't believe I've ever made one of these before. I agree with the sentiment that it is more practical to focus on bettering yourself all year. Inspiration has hit, however, and I think it is a worthy goal. My resolution is to make significant contact (i.e. other than texting, Facebook, etc.) with a friend once a week. I've never been good at keeping up with people over breaks but it never mattered that much, because eventually we'd all be back together again. That is not the case anymore and I don't want to fall away from the dear people that make up my past.

This is going to be a challenge. I don't like the phone and I always forget to mail things. I'm excited, though. I think my resolution will be good for me (and hopefully for my friends as well). Feel free to drop me a message or comment here if you'd like a letter or a postcard or even just a phone call. There are only 52 chances for me to think of everyone I care about!

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