Wednesday, January 19

Cake Balls Take 2

Well, I'm sure all my avid readers (ha!) will be delighted to know that I retried my baking disaster with much more success!! They're still pretty messy, but this attempt was a vast improvement upon last time. I really don't have a lot to say... I've just felt like a neglectful blogger as of late so I wanted to throw a little update your way. We've taken down all the Christmas decorations except Douglas - he still sits proudly (albeit a little dead) by our window. We really must dispose of him :(

In other news, my family discovered "The Big Bang Theory" and it's quite a hit! We've decided that Rush, Noah, and Dad all together comprise all the nerdiness that show has to offer. My father, of course, is by far the most entertaining - he laughs at things we didn't even know was supposed to be funny and then pauses the DVD to explain it to us. Being snowed in at my parent's house twice in the past month has been very satisfying!! I love my home.

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