Tuesday, January 31

Don't Sweat the Big Stuff

I'm currently working on quite a few projects that, a year or two ago, were giving me significant grief. All I had to do was take a little time, calm down, and now everything is falling into place. Yesterday I went to my first day of classes at Samford. I'm going back, and will finally have both the degrees I intended to get. I never thought I would even finish my theatre degree, let alone the one in music! But lo and behold God has directed my path in several different directions, all of which eventually led me right here.

Some time in the next few months, Rush and I are planning on getting internet in our apartment. It will be the first time we've had internet at home in two years. When we first got married, we could barely afford rent, let alone all those other unnecessary expenses. I can't tell you what a blessing that was to our relationship not to have internet or cable. We spend all of our time together talking and playing games or choosing a movie to watch together. 

I was prompted to write up this post when I was searching for a new emerald ring. You may or may not know that the beautiful filigree ring that Rush gave me when we got engaged was stolen from our car. It's been almost a year since I've seen that ring. After looking at thousands of rings online I came to the conclusion that I will never find one good enough to serve as a replacement. So I began looking for my exact ring. And I found it. Not only did I find My Ring, but I found the real version of it! Turns out Rush had gotten a knock-off. A gorgeous knock-off, but a knock-off all the same. We're saving up and hopefully by the time we get to our 2nd anniversary, I will have an even more perfect ring on my finger.

I just think life is pretty funny that way. Everyone always says not to worry about all the little things, but honestly, what's the point of worrying about the big things either? If there's something you can do about it, do it! Otherwise, just be patient and pray.

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