Thursday, November 17

I'm a crafty vegetarian!

Life is moving fast. Today is the due date for my baby nephew Isaac... COME ON ISAAC! I've been preparing people at work for my absence over the past two weeks but he's still not here!! It's okay, though. We're glad he's going to be completely ready for this world before he gets here. And I have the best job (and boss) in the world so whenever Isaac decides to grace us with his presence, I will be there.

Tomorrow I start work at the mall as one of Santa's Helpers! SO excited to work there again this year. As I stated in this very blog just last year, my family didn't do the Santa thing when we were kids. In fact, last year was the first time I'd ever even had my picture taken with him. Maybe I'll get to work there next year and there will be a little one-year-old that can get his first Santa picture from Aunt Meme :)

I'm also happy to report that I have a new craft project. I seem to go through different phases. I've done ornaments (that one didn't last long), I did canvases, and now I'm on to fabric flowers. I love wearing clips in my hair so when I learned how to make them at First Baptist's Crafts and Conversations, I was hooked. Now I have 12 home-made rosettes and I plant to make more and more! Let me know if you'd like one because I would LOVE to make one just for YOU!!

Biggest news of the past three months (since there's no baby to brag about yet) - I no longer eat meat. On this Monday (the day my nephew will most definitely be here), it will have been three full months since I had a single bite of meat. Well, except for one time at Gymboree that someone gave me a chicken finger and I ate a little before I remembered that I didn't eat that anymore... It's been pretty awesome. I haven't had any cravings and, now I know this is silly of me, but I went to the pumpkin patch with my family, they had a petting zoo. It was truly lovely to love on those little animals and know that I no longer consume anyone in their family. Of course Rush is still very much a carnivore but so far that hasn't even been much of a struggle.

Alright. So mostly I can't stop thinking about this silly little boy who only my sister really knows right now. I'm so ready to meet little Isaac that I don't have much else to talk about. I know an even bigger piece of my heart will soon reside in my hometown and I'll have to visit even more often. But I'm happy with the crafty, vegetarian, awesome kid-friendly job-filled life that Rushy and I are setting up here.

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