Monday, February 27

Shouting from the Rooftops

I can't believe it's almost March. I've been trying to follow a vegetarian diet for 6 months now, and our nephew is 3 months old!  Rush is now a full-time employee at The American Village! He has been so blessed by that job already, but this promotion has turned it into a real career. I've been in school for about a month now and on the 18th of next month, I will be a quarter of a century old. We have begun the process of combining our Facebook pages and will soon delete Rush's old account. Our lives are about to change even further.

Throughout my life, I've often attempted diets or fitness plans. I come up with hard and fast rules for cleaning or building upon my relationship with God. You know, all sorts of schemes to better my life. I've always kept these things a secret. I figured if nobody knew that I'm attempting to become a healthier person (inside or out) and I fail, no one can judge me. I now want to adopt the philosophy that if you're going to make a mistake, make it loud! So not only am I sharing my decisions with my husband, but he's going to take on many of these challenges with me. We will keep each other accountable! And now, dear readers, I am sharing our hopes and dreams with you.

Last month, I wrote about my new journey to finish my work at Samford. Starting next week, Rush and I are joining Hoover Fitness and beginning the 14-week challenge from 100 Days of Real Food. We have also worked for hours to develop a budget and a cleaning schedule which we printed out and put on our fridge. I legitimately cannot imagine having any sort of organization to our lives. We've been working so hard, though, and have factored in everything we can in order to raise the possibility of success in these projects.

We would love for anyone to join us in any of these goals, particularly the Real Food Challenge. Just by reading that blog and similar sites/books/magazines, I have learned so much. I find it unlikely that we will continue a strict real food diet when the 100 days are up, but I hope it changes our eating habits positively. If any of you live near us and would like to join the gym with us, please do! I can't find the specific budget worksheet we eventually settled on but if anyone's interested, I'd be happy to look harder.

So, all of this to say, expect to see changes. And if you don't, well I guess we made a really loud mistake :)

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