Monday, September 20

Get a room!

My dear, sweet husband wrote a new post and insists I put up his section unaltered. Apologies in advance for all the mushiness that ensues.

This is Rush, not Emily.  Emily wanted me to blog again.  So I will.  I could not think of what to write about, so I will let everyone know just how great she is.  I enjoy Emily's smile.  It is just the best.  And a frown from her breaks my heart.  Her laugh makes me feel like I have everything in the world, while her crying cracks my soul.  I am not the best I could be toward her and I don't see myself improving that much.  She deserves better than I provide.  Emily doesn't think much of herself some days, but she should.  She is great.  I know that.  Sure, she has some issues.  But most of us do.  Emily is not perfect.  But none of you are either.  Emily is wonderful.  She tries so hard, and seems to have fate itself aligned against her sometimes.  I believe in her.  My one wish is that she would too. 

Emily again. Not exactly the post I had in mind but you can see why I think that boy is the most incredible person I've ever met! Maybe we should have written our own vows after all :) I couldn't quite bring myself to post this as is without adding my own thoughts, especially since these go up on my Facebook and Twitter accounts!

I used to say what Rush just did, that fate is aligned against me. I'm sure we've all felt that way at one time or another. It's simply not true, though. There is constantly sin and turmoil all around us and when we start to feel that too heavily, there is only one place to turn. Our Heavenly Father. I've got to admit, I struggle to hear Him, I really do. However, I'm pretty sure that's exactly why he put Rush in my life.

Rush is my guiding light. He makes my world brighter with each passing day. He is the one and only person on this earth that has never once stopped believing in me, including myself. I love listening to him talk about things I couldn't begin to understand, I rejoice when he performs brilliantly on the stage, and I cherish every single second in which he interacts lovingly with other creatures on our planet, whether it's the little ducks all over Disney World or our very own babies, Schnitzel and Luna. Rush is my umbrella to protect me from storms of sorrow. I hope someday I can grow strong enough to be his.


  1. beautiful!!!

  2. you two make my heart happy.
    love always,
    aunt ava