Thursday, March 31

2 Weeks Notice

I am ashamed of myself and the inadequate amount of blogging I've done lately. To be fair, when I started this thing I was unemployed but now I technically hold 4 jobs... That's about to change though - I put in my 2 weeks notice. This is the first time I've ever quit a job. There's never been an opportunity for me to because they were always seasonal and/or temporary. It made me really sad. The people who work at the YMCA are a beautiful family. They may be a little crazy and frustrating sometimes, but they love each other and accept every new person that enters those doors.

My new job is fantastic, though. I just can't wait to get started!! I'll be working at Gymboree Play and Music. This is actually the second time I've applied for this position and thankfully third time doesn't have to be the charm because they wanted me as soon as I walked in the door. I am so blessed to be allowed to work in so many different places with so many wonderful people. I hope I never grow tired of working in the arts with children because it truly is the most incredible combination. Their creativity never ceases to amaze me.

This post feels a little scattered but that doesn't surprise me. Did I mention I'm currently working 4 jobs? They all fill me with such joy that I can't even contemplate complaining (though that doesn't mean I can't admit that I'm TIRED). Oh, and by working at Play and Music, I get a discount at the Gymboree store! My little niece or nephew is going to be so spoiled... My job as Aunt Mimi will be the most important of all :D

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