Sunday, July 3

Living on the Stage

No posts in the month of June. I am positively ashamed of myself. Bad blogger, bad! I feel like I approach this the same way I clean my room. The longer I wait, the harder it gets, the more effort it seems it will take, and eventually I decide it's just been so long I might as well not bother. But, eventually, you gotta clean your room. And I gotta blog.

I thought I was busy with Tracy training and appearances, and I suppose I was, but it does not compare to what the past two weeks have held. We started rehearsals and I just have to say: what an absolutely, mind-blowing cast and crew we have! They work so hard and so fast and it is a truly beautiful, creative experience. Everyone in that room is so stinking talented that I sometimes feel like the fat kid that got picked to play on their team because nobody else was left.

It has been a blast and I cannot (let me repeat that) CANNOT believe we open in a week and a half. I keep thinking that it's almost over and that I'll miss this family that I've barely even gotten to known. Then I remember that we still get to run the show for a month! I want to do it forever. With this group of crazy supportive people. Please come see us. I know not everyone will be able to swing it, but I really hope you try. You'll be missing something amazing if you don't.

Of course I know all good things must come to an end, which is why I'm trying to find time to attend some auditions and keep up the momentum of being in the theatre again. That's right, I said auditions. I was behind the scenes in most of the shows I did in school and nothing fills my life with joy quite like piecing a production together and watching it come to life. I think somewhere along the way I forgot just how thrilling it is to be on the stage. I think I'd like to live there for a while and see where it takes me next.

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