Saturday, May 21

Blue Hair of Expression

I love to dye my hair. I love it so much, it could possibly be called a hobby of mine. My hair has, at one point or another, been pretty much every color under the sun. And I'm not just talking about the colors that are found on natural heads of hair, much to my mother's chagrin. Hair is the ultimate accessory and I feel so lucky to have a type which holds up to color extremely well. From bleaching, to putting pink and purple side by side, to dying it as dark as it can be, my hair has continually helped me express a little piece of myself.

Lavender - my personal favorite

Luckily, through the generosity of RMTC and the excellent instruction of Shad Simpson, I've had the opportunity to express myself in a much more rewarding way. NS Dance is a beautiful building full of beautiful people who create beautiful art. It has been so exciting to get to know the high school girls in my musical theatre class and I hope our paths cross again and again. I love being able to move and explore dancing in this comfortable setting. It is so incredible to be given the opportunity of learning from and amongst such talented human beings.

Just a wig, but oh how I'd relish this color all the time!

I can't pretend I don't miss put crazy colors in my hair ever few months, though. Way back in November, I was searching for the perfect audition song for RMTC's Hairspray. A friend of mine turned me onto a song called "Blue Hair" and I was instantly devoted. It's not too mainstream, it has that up-beat story-telling feel to it, and it is about a young girl who wants to dye her hair blue, which I would love to do (again). I told myself that if I didn't get a callback, I really would dye my hair blue. Then I decided that if I didn't make the finalists, I'd dye it blue. So then I said, still, if I don't get the part, I'm going blue... I'm quite happy that my hair is still not blue!

Blue Hair circa 2007

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  1. I love all your pretty coloured hair. My most advertureous colour was coca-cola red. :-)